A Healthy Living Home Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule for the Aging Population


In the course of time, you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that no longer serves their need. The most important thing is to clear out your home. The homes that are overcrowded are difficult to maintain and have numerous corners and nooks. It’s best for you and your family member not to be surrounded by unnecessary or unneeded possessions. The option is to either give away or dispose of the objects, leaving their home free of junk.

You should also remember that you should use gentle and safe cleaning products. The majority of the cleaners available in stores have harmful chemicals which could create harm. They produce harmful gasses, and also contain harmful chemicals. These can cause issues when are inhaled, or when they come to contact with the skin. Based on Cleveland Clinic, some of those harmful chemicals include ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl alcohol, and sodium hypochlorite. It’s better to avoid cleaners that contain these chemicals and rely on natural cleaning solutions like baking sodaand white vinegar, and lemons. Technology has made home maintenance and cleaning easier than ever.

Today, there are smart cleaning tools that are very convenient like robotic vacuum cleaners that complete the job by themselves. Even though cleaning is not considered dangerous, seniors must still be cautious. Senior citizens must be cautious when moving bulky or heavy items. To prevent the necessity to transport heavy appliances or furniture, invest in cleaning tools with extension handles. They’re great for getting to those difficult-to-reach places. It is also important to teach your loved ones to vacuum rather than sweep, since it cleans surfaces more thoroughly, removing dust, pollen, pet hair, and various other particles quickly and efficiently. Vacuuming and using tools with extension handles can eliminate having to bend. Senior citizens who have mobility problems will find this helpful.

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