Breaking Down Magnets – UNM Continuing Education


But, as in the above video, what is it about magnets?

The product is well-crafted and put in your keychain. It is possible to keep the fishing rods right where they belong while fishing. Though this clever device has numerous other functions, it’s extremely useful in fly-fishing, hunting, and so on.

It is small but strong. This top-quality gadget can be used when in motion. This could be beneficial for those who want to keep healthy while running or training at the gym. But, the most important thing is magnetically, they have the capacity to remain perfectly aligned wherever you position them.

Unique Concept

This marine-puck is a great way to get back to the things you truly love, particularly If you’re spending too much time fishing looking for tiny parts.
It can be attached to any type of vest or shirt. It’s lightweight and is easy to store. This marine-puck is unique.

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