Comparing Mission v. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Projects for Home


There are two choices Two popular designs are the Shaker and Mission design.

The Shaker or Mission cabinets come in very plain designs. The design concept for the Mission originated from the furnishings found at Franciscan seminaries located in California early in the year of 1900. The design was distinct from elaborate designs of the day.

It is even simpler to use that of the Shaker door. Shakers prefer closed grain wood, instead of open. The wood’s finishes may differ however, it’s generally quieter than Open grain Mission wood.

Shakers are great transitional pieces because you can make them look very contemporary by an easy change of the handle. The Mission style is more conventional right from the beginning. There is still the possibility of adding things like beams for framing to spice things up.

There’s a lot of choices in the design of your kitchen. Cabinets are available in various styles and designs. Shaker cabinets are less complicated and more suitable for a variety of circumstances while Mission cabinets have a timeless style that, though it is a possibility to modify they will restrict your choices. However, they’re beautiful woodworking, either way.


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