How to Choose the Best Commercial Glass Doors – Andre Blog


uTube video “Let’s Explore Sliding Doors,” Jeff Ludy discusses the various types of glass doors for commercial use.

Milgard is a top-rated commercial glass door. Its benefits include a thin frame with a larger perspective than French doors, and also thermal breaks that enhance transmission of energy.

Amsco is another notable manufacturer of commercial-grade glass doors. They’re cheaper and offer better performance in terms of energy transfer in comparison to Milgard doors.

Windsor wood sliding doors offer a unique glass door type. They have a appearance that is more natural than conventional French doors and provide higher customization options than other sliding door.

Fleetwood Aluminum doors can be the best choice in sliding doors. These doors are built with top quality materials, and will slide easily regardless of how big they might be.

Sliding doors provide greater safety and allow more space for storage of furniture. They can, however, become heavy and hard to move in and out of. The tracks on inferior doors can also become dirty. Prior to making a final decision take a look at what your requirements are and how your door will function.


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