How to Maintain HVAC System – Shop Smart Magazine


Evelop leaks. The leaks can cause the system to work harder than it should, increasing the frequency of repairs. Be aware of leaks coming from the heat exchanger, AC condensate line, and that of the refrigerant line.
3. Debris and Dirt

The HVAC system should have no particles from your filter reaching the electric panel. Dirty air filters can hinder the operation of your HVAC, as they push dust and dust into the house and lower the air quality. It is possible that they block the air system, too.

Hiring a licensed professional to visit twice per every year to conduct preventative maintenance is possibly the most crucial method to ensure the health of your the HVAC system. This usually includes checking furnace performance, checking the refrigerant levels of the air conditioner, assessing for voltages on the loose wires and motors, vacuuming out the chambers of the blower, checking the drain pan and drainage system, as well as flushing the coils. If there hasn’t been any regular maintenance performed on your equipment for some time, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Any potential issues will be discovered and dealt with.


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