How to Properly Tap a Maple Tree – Outdoor Family Portraits

It can be a relaxing kind of work that’s great for the body and soul. This video will help you understand how to tap on maple trees in the correct way. You might want to contact a tree trimming business if one or more of these trees towers over your home.

The tap requires a bit, hammer , and drill to start the tap process. Tapping maple requires specially-designed bits used for drilling. These bits can provide greater drainage holes. the sap. It is important to decide exactly where to drill the tap hole. In the wrong spot, it could cause yield losses of up to 75% Beware of tapping locations that are damaged and have flaws. Beware of tapping areas which were previously drilled or on wood stained. When you’ve identified the area then drill a hole 1.5-2 inches deep. To make sure that the drill doesn’t go far it is recommended to stop the drill. an option. Next, hammer in the spout until changing sounds and feeling the resistance. The spout should then be removed after the tap season, so the tree will heal.


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