How to Use Rapid-Set Concrete Mixes – Backyard Landscaping Concepts



The concrete mix can be put in place quickly and lasts for a long time. The shrinkage is minimal and it gains firmness within 1 hour. It gives long-lasting effects. It is used to make roads and bridges. It is important to organize your equipment and space before the start of your work. This will make it go quickly and smoothly.

You can add water to the mixer, however, not exceeding 4.5 milliliters for each 60-pound bag. Mix thoroughly until the material is smooth and lump-free. Clean the mixing bucket you employ and your tools between new batches. It is recommended to remove any pre-existing concrete and clean the area of any oil, dirt, or asphalt. Prior to applying the concrete on shallower zones, ensure you have full depth.

If you are setting concrete on a post, be sure to use a level to ensure uniformity. It can be troweled or floated or even finished using an air brush. You should keep the surface moist until 1 hour has passed when the concrete has been laid. After an hour, the concrete are able to walk or drive across the concrete.


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