Legal Rights to Know as a Tenant –

Tenants can be evicted frequently and should know your rights. The video will explain some options you can take to for you to avoid issues as well as to avoid the need for the services of a lawyer for tenant expulsion.

First step is get your lease contract in writing. You have to agree to a legally legal and legally binding lease agreement. The contract lays out the total amount to be paid to rent, when rent is due, penalties for late payments along with the landlord’s legal obligations to the tenants and property.

The best way to handle repair requests is to make the request in writing and maintain the record. It’s not easy to get landlords to honor their obligation to fix your property promptly. If the landlord does not repair the damage, it’s likely that you will not be able to successfully bring a lawsuit against them.

For additional helpful advice, check out the video below.


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