Log Home Chinking – Family Magazine

This is a type home constructed of huge logsthat are laid one on top of each other to make walls. Chinking is crucial to secure your home from any outside elements. Log home chinking refers to the process of filling in the small gaps between logs. In this post we will review the procedure of log home chinking and why it’s so important.

The insulation of walls is an essential component of any home. Chinking logs plays an important role in this. This prevents rainwater and bugs from getting into your home. Log cabins are often situated in forests. Numerous animals make the woods their home. The log cabins need to be guarded.

A cable of rubber is put in place to link the logs. This is the first phase of chinking. Once that cable is set, the chinking will be added over the top of it. The chinking has to be treated with water before it will be moulded. Once the water has been used, you are able to take an instrument and smooth the chinking out until it’s straight.


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