Reasons to Call a Divorce Attorney – Legal Terms Dictionary

Get your divorce done in court or out of court via divorce mediation. This is cheaper and less stressful. It’s impossible to get divorced before thirty days have elapsed in your marriage. Wait one year after your wedding date to apply for divorce.

Perhaps you’ve reached the point of no return with your relationship and are wondering can both husband and spouse petition for divorce. You can, in fact, file jointly filed petitions, which applies to no-fault divorces.

These days, many couples file divorces without fault. That means no one has to show the other’s wrongdoing to warrant an end to the relationship. You may wonder if the divorce that is not based on fault could be litigated. No-fault divorces are not contestable in the event that the court is compelled to review the case in specific instances.

If you want to marry without having a divorce? You can inquire. It is necessary to submit the decree of divorce or divorce certificate from the previous wedding if you wish to marry again. Remarrying is a legal requirement. If you are married without divorce, your second marriage will be invalid.

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