Ultimate Guide to Implicit Bias – Write Brave

Learn how you can control your personal biases both at work and at home. In the workplace you will find a lot of socializing. There are many prejudices with this socializing. This can be damaging to all people, but especially in cases where it causes people being left out, or bosses having favorites. In this clip expert, a professional will go through the concept of implicit bias and how it is so important.

Without you knowing, implicit bias could be a factor. The result can be positive or negative effects to happen that can cause harm to your work environment and you personally. The way you think about your work has been affected by bias implicitly for the entirety of your existence. from the news and all of the events that took place in the past or present. There is endless scrolling on the internet and from newspapers. The education you receive. Each of these could cause an implicit bias in many people, regardless of whether they are aware of that it exists.

This video will go over implicit bias in detail and aid you in understanding how it affects your everyday life. What ever kind of biases you’re prone to, it’s essential to recognize your bias.


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