What You Should Know About Interior Design School – CEXC


The very first topic the speaker talks about is how the tasks of interior decorators are different from interior designers assignments. People often use the words in the same way, however they’re two distinct fields of study and concept.

One must be an excellent decorator to be a designer but doesn’t necessarily need to be a designer to become a decorator. It is necessary to have a designation to be categorized as an interior designer, and this requires that the person take a course to earn an educational certificate or a degree. Many tests are needed to earn a certification for interior design. It is said that it is similar as passing the bar exam in order to become an attorney.

Interior designers have a broader variety of tasks than many people think. They can handle difficult tasks, such as deciding which outlet to be placed or planning the removal of entire walls. A interior decorator is able to perform simple jobs like picking out designs and picking furniture or drapes. The educational requirements for an interior designer position are more complicated. Designers and potential decorators should avoid confusion between the two positions. 6r7i1hdkm2.

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