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The Possible Effects of Coronavirus in U.S. Real Estate

This is certainly a scary and confusing time in the world The pandemic that is raging across the country is throwing the markets into chaos. people are rightfully concerned if they will have a job or face other kinds of financial hardship in the coming weeks. The real estate industry is particularly concerned with the declining fortunes of those in the country.

While researching the possible economic fallout from the coronavirus, we came across a great article online. This piece gets into the possible fallout, and potential opportunity, that will come out of the real estate market in 2020. If you are in real estate, or are simply interested in this topic, we suggest giving the article a read.

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Meeting His Parents and Making the Right Impression

Very few things in this world are as nerve wracking as meeting your new beau’s parents for the first time. Sure he loves the fact you have that shaved head and nose ring and keep a badger as a pet. His conservative parents though? Maybe they’re less impressed with the Black Flag facial tattoo.

While looking for advice on how to best navigate this social minefield, we found a great piece that detailed some actionable steps on how to make his parents fall in love with you too. If you are in this precarious situation, or are just interested in learning how to do it, consider giving it a read.

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