Check Out These Adorable Minecraft DIYs! – Contemporary Art Magazine

You can play with many players, or just on your own. It’s astonishing how much thought comes into the creation of this awesome game. Since the game’s open-world features endless possibilities for players to play with, it’s no surprise that it has sold so many copies worldwide. Would you like to spread your enthusiasm for Minecraft to your life? This video will help you create some adorable DIY Minecraft ideas that reflect your enthusiasm for the game.

Make a cupcake with a theme is as easy as baking cake! Make 16 cupcakes and then color the frosting with 4 different shades of green and black. Frost the cupcakes with squares of smaller size, and add the creeper face. Perler beads are another easy method to create Minecraft-themed objects. To make cute, 8-bit-themed creations it is possible to use only one Perler beads per pixel , as all of the game’s content is cubes. The Perler beads can be used for bookmarks, coasters and rooms decor. Finally, color your favorite Minecraft icons on graph paper, laminate itand then add magnets to create some of the most adorable fridge magnets!


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