What Does a Retaining Wall Do? – Spokane Events

Now is the time to get looking to make your backyard prepared for the summer fun! You should plan your extremely hardscaped outdoor landscape in the earliest time you are able to. Landscapes that are hard-scaping like a patio, or retaining wall are growing more and more popular. So why not incorporate a sophisticated design element to your landscape layout? The patio serves a purpose. But , what’s a wall used for? This video will provide an outline of what and how to have a landscaping walls.

The walls that surround the retaining wall are usually constructed for aesthetic reasons. the outside of a hill. They also are built for raising flowerbeds, which adds a a professional element to a backyard. There are three major components that make up a retaining wall. They are The heel slab and the the stem and the toe slab. A retaining wall is inserted deeply underground to maintain its stability and prevent the barrier from moving around. Walls that retain are constructed for landscaping purposes to ensure it is in place, but also to add an old-fashioned look to an outdoor area.


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