How is Industrial Glass Made? – Business Training Video

The show is entertaining as well as informative. Global Market Insights estimates that the global glass market will be worth USD 228.5 billion by the year 2020. You may be interested in learning the process of making industrial glass in this rapidly expanding sector. Read on for further details about industrial glass production.

Let’s begin with industrial glass. Glass used in industrial applications is transparent or translucent material which is non-crystaline. It looks solid, but it is actually liquid and is it is classified as a frozen liquid.

Like the production of custom-made O rings, Neoprene o rings, rings made of nitrile, and polyurethane o rings, there’s a myriad of processes involved in the production of industrial glass. The typical industrial glass process has three steps.

To begin, it is necessary to mix the raw materials. The raw materials used are limestone, soda ash and sand. Blend them together thoroughly before grinding to make a batch. The mixture can be combined with crushed glass known as cullet. This helps lower the melting temperature of the material in the raw.

For more information on the processes required to make industrial glass, watch the above video!


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