IT Hardware Vs. Software – Technology Radio

part of modern life. It’s likely that if you use one or both of these gadgets that you are familiar with the words “hardware” and “software. In the YouTube clip, “Computer Science Basics Hardware and Software” in which we look at an in-depth look at these two fundamental elements of smart gadgets.

IT hardware is the physical components that make up a or mobile device. It includes essential computer parts including the mouse monitor, keyboard and microchips. Software however it is the term used to describe programs that are installed on smartphones and computers. It tells the hardware what to do. Examples of software are video games, photo editors web browsers, as well as operating systems.

Software and hardware are both integrally connected. However, they can also be different. Software is not able to function without a hardware platform, on the other hand, hardware will be useless without software installed. A combination of hardware and software is the reason computers and smartphones function efficiently.

Technology continues to evolve rapidly every day because of the incredible advancements made by technologist and scientists but the chances are that, no matter how much development occurs over the next few years hardware and software will be the primary technological foundations for computers.


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