What is the Best Coverage for Car Insurance? – Insurance Magazine

sion insurance. Be aware that the liability insurance only covers the harm you cause to the other person. If you’re interested in taking things up a notch, then you have to consider collision or comprehensive collision that cover the damages caused through your vehicle. However, collision coverage only compensates for damage caused by collision which include when you collide with an other vehicle or object. Comprehensive insurance on the other hand covers damage like fire, theft, or weather damage that is not directly related to crashes.

Medical Payments Insurance

Medical payments or medical expense insurance is generally abbreviated to MedPay or MedPay, and is a part of your car insurance coverage. This coverage is only offered in those states that are not able to provide personal injury protection. The name implies that this policy will provide medical treatment that you and your passengers incur if you sustain injuries in a car accident while occupying the insured car. Medical expenses that are covered included hospitals visits, nursing services surgeries, X-rays, and ambulance fees. In the states where you reside it is possible that this kind of coverage could be required or voluntary. In the majority of states medical payment coverage is only an option.

If you don’t have insurance, your medical expenses as well as the expenses of any other passengers are your responsibility. Even if you have auto liability coverage but it won’t cover these expenses. However, it can cover the health care expenses of another party due to the bodily injury liability section of your liability insurance policy. If the medical payment policy, which covers the costs for you and your passengers the coverage may appear like personal injury insurance. Personal injury protection is an entirely different type of insurance. Find out more.



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