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The best way to safeguard your home from damage caused by storms is to prune shrubs and trees surrounding your home. This helps prevent branches from breaking off and damage your windows or roof during high winds. It will also help keep debris from blowing across your yard or driveway during the storm.

A further benefit of trimming shrubs and trees around your house is to keep animals out of the crawl space or attic. They are frequently utilized by animals to hide when storms are brewing and may pose a risk to their health.

Furthermore, it’s important to make sure that the trees around power lines are regularly cut. It can prevent branches falling onto the power lines, which could cause an outage in a storm.

If you’ve found dead or dying trees, it’s recommended that they be removed prior to the storm’s arrival. The force of the wind can cause harm to trees or property which have already been damaged by disease or decay.

Pro tip: If have trees that are large around your property it’s recommended to have them inspected by a certified arborist at least every couple of years. The arborist will inform you about whether the tree is good health and any potential problems.

2. Get your windows boarded up

Another excellent way to protect your home from damage caused by storms is to glue up your windows. The boarding of your windows can stop them from breaking or flying during high winds. This will keep any debris from entering the building.

These boards can be purchased pre-made and ready for purchase or you may build your own. You should ensure that your plywood has a minimum thickness of 3/4 inch thick if you design your own. Use screws and nails at least 3 inches in length.

There is the option of hiring an installation company for hurricane and storm shutters on your behalf. These shutters are designed specifically for high winds, and offer an additional level of security to your house. These are constructed from aluminum and stainable materials.


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