Why Nutrition Is Important for The Brain – Health Talk Online


s of nutritional content. The majority of your brain’s nutritional content comprises fats. The other content is made of amino acids, glucose, as well as micronutrients. These components have an impact on your brain’s function, development, mood, as well as energy.

Did you feel tired after lunch or felt a tiredness that lasted until late at night? That’s because your brain feels the effect of the food you consume. There are also ways to change how you feel and behave around food. The video shows how huge portions of pasta could affect how you feel, and also how protein-rich food choices can impact your mood. A big plate of pasta might bring you a sense of calm, while an energizing protein-rich meal could increase your alertness.

A balanced and nutritious food plan will prevent you avoid having your mood skew towards one side or the opposite. Foods like fruits and vegetables help your brains combat free radicals which damage brain cells. This can also improve cognitive function for longer period. Check out this video to find out about the affects your diet can have on your brain’s general health.


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